It's Your Money

December 16, 2010
Compiled by Matt Miller matt@dmcityview.com


Paid for by taxpayers in…

Polk Co.


Amount: $7,637

To: AMBA Services

For: Human resource provider charges.


Amount: $76.72

To: Air Management Co.

For: Purchase of supplies shipped to Polk County General.


Amount: $4,396.88

To: American Solutions for Business

For: Purchase of two pallets of supplies for Polk County Central Receiving.


Amount: $4,260

To: Automatic Door Group

For: Purchase and installation of items for Highland Park Senior Center.


Amount: $2,702.58

To: Bob Barker Co.

For: Purchase of hygiene and toiletries items for Polk County Youth Shelters.


Amount: $3,278.58

To: Brewer Wholesale Meats Inc.

For: Purchase of food items for Polk County Jail.


Amount: $10,762.41

To: Capital Sanitary Supply Co.

For: Purchase of cleaning supplies for various Polk County buildings.


Amount: $125,000

To: Civic Center of Greater Des Moines

For: Polk County Board of Supervisors fourth annual installment payment of $125,000 to support the Civic Center Capital Renovation Campaign.


Amount: $150

To: Kathy Clark

For: Human resource provider charges.


Amount: $518.04

To: Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc.

For: Purchase of miscellaneous supplies shipped to the Polk County General Services.


Amount: $1,640.26

To: Des Moines Water Works

For: Payment for water, sanitary sewer and storm water services.


Amount: $75

To: Forest Septic Tank Service

For: Payment for cleaning grease trap in kitchen at Polk County Central Center.


Amount: $311

To: Gall’s Inc.

For: Purchase of supplies for Polk County Sheriff’s Department.


Amount: $1,307.95

To: Homemakers Furniture Inc.

For: Purchase of a three-pack coffee table, accent chair and sofa for Polk County Health Department.




The Des Moines City Council recently approved $1,757 for Mikel J. Johnson, human rights specialist, to attend a second week of a mandatory five-week training program in Washington, D.C. The training runs from Dec. 12 to 16 and is required by HUG and provided by the National Fair Housing Training Academy. The council also approved $2,558 for Mayor Frank Cownie to attend the 79th Winter Meeting of the U.S. Conference in Washington, D.C., from Jan. 18-23, 2011. Mayor Cownie is the vice-chair for Emergency Management under the Criminal and Social Justice Standing Committee. The budget for travel and training for the 2011 fiscal year is $621,718. The amount expended for travel and training as of Nov. 29 is $132,196. CV

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