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December 16, 2010

The invisible word

We have just been through eight years of yes and two years of no. The eight years were filled with “yes, OK, no problem” by just about everyone except for a few nay-sayers. And what did they know? No one paid attention anyway. The mainstream media went along with every yes because it was afraid to say no. Everything was hunky-dory in those golden years.

Then came Obama. He couldn’t try to open a door without a halleluiah chorus of No! No! No! Strange as it may seem, the policies of the eight years and the two years were often the same. We saw smiles at the policies of the eight years and hate piled on hate for the last two. And NO one is looking at the big picture. Everyone, all of a sudden, is scared to really even whisper the basic difference between those eight and two years.

The truth is, it’s the R-word — RACISM!

You never hear the word racist in public but its meaning is used often in a smoke filled room, a family dining room, the hallway where no one is around, out under a tree, anywhere where no one else can hear the conversation.

Racism has taken a leadership role once again in this country, and everyone is afraid to mention it. It’s like the reverse of “The emperor has no clothes.” Obama seems to be doing slightly better than Bush, but no one wants to say it. Why? Well, Obama is an African-American after all.

Personally, I’m looking to the 2012 election. Maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe there are enough honest and rational citizens to carry the day for our Constitution and the country. Sure hope so.

Dr. John M. Hicks
Des Moines





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