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December 16, 2010

Sexy, round two

When we discussed the idea of publishing a list of who we thought were Des Moines’ sexiest people last year, some of you thought the cheese had finally slipped off our cracker. We saw it work well for People magazine, so we figured, “What the hell?”

We compiled a spectacular list, from the strikingly beautiful WHO-TV’s Elizabeth Klinge, to the not-so-much-appreciated Des Moines Register publisher Laura Hollingsworth, to old powerballs himself, Mike Pace. No reader polls, online surveys or professional input were required. These choices were all us, our selection of who we thought defined sexiness in the metro. We went all out, even throwing a party in honor of these sexy devils. And what a time it was.

Well, are you ready for round two? As our cover story this week, we selected 12 more who we feel define sexy in central Iowa. They are artists, musicians, politicians, athletes, media personalities and company spokespeople. Most are well-known names, but all meet our admittedly unconventional definition of sexy, and we are pleased to bring them to you. Please join us in a celebration of their sexiness on Thursday, Dec. 16 at Cabaret West Glen, starting at 6 p.m.

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