Des Moines’ Sexiest People

When we discussed the idea of publishing a list of who we thought were Des Moines’ sexiest people last year, some of you thought the cheese had finally slipped off our cracker. We saw it work well for People magazine, so we figured, “What the hell?”

We compiled a spectacular list, from the strikingly beautiful WHO-TV’s Elizabeth Klinge, to the not-so-much-appreciated Des Moines Register publisher Laura Hollingsworth, to old powerballs himself, Mike Pace. No reader polls, online surveys or professional input were required. These choices were all us, our selection of who we thought defined sexiness in the metro. We went all out, even throwing a party in honor of these sexy devils. And what a time it was.


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Is Christie Vilsack running? GOP targets Gronstal


Christie Vilsack is calling a few friends these days to talk about things. Some of those friends are coming away with the idea that she is preparing to run for Congress. She told Cityview that she just wants the views on issues and such from people she’s close to, which, of course, is why all of us call our friends on occasion. She says that talk that she’s running is, at the very least, premature.

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Live album captures Steepwater Band’s raunchy rock sound and feel


Live albums rarely are an unadulterated, accurate representation of a band’s stage show. Often times, additional instrumental and vocal tracks are overdubbed and other studio gadgetry is used to enhance the music, sometimes to the point of detriment. Yet in other instances, bands sift through several recordings of concerts to assemble a live album, leading the listener to believe that the band was on top of its game during one show.


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The good and bad of 2010


Zeitgeist of the Year — “What recession?”

2010 was a year of defiance when brave souls opened new restaurants three times the pace of the previous year. Many brought first of a kind experiences to town. Zingaro became Des Moines’ original pop-up café, Africa Cuisine introduced Somali/Kenyan menus, Baru debuted Alsatian cuisine, Babylon became the first Iraqi café, Open Sesame the first Lebanese, Pollos Rostizados brought our first charcoal fired rotisserie chicken shop, Accordion introduced live accordion music and La Paris Café became our first Indo-Chinese café-French Bakery-sports bar-espresso house hybrid. Saraj Restaurant & Bakery, Red, Copa Cavana, Pad Thai, Bagni di Lucca, Mullet’s, Big City Burger & Greens, Tres Hermanos, Bagni di Lucca, Flour, Oasis, Ray Earl’s, Sonora Tacqueria, El Blue Burrito and Tamale’s Industry also made impressive debuts.


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Say somethin'!

Tell us what you think about local politics, music, restaurants, bars, entertainment or anything else going on in Des Moines.


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