It's Your Money

October 28, 2010
Compiled by Matt Miller matt@dmcityview.com


Paid for by taxpayers in…

Polk Co.

(paid during the week of Oct. 11)


Amount: $790

To: Aquaclear Lake Management Inc.

For: Payment for September application for aquatic weed control used by West Des Moines Parks Department.


Amount: $11,043.16

To: Baker and Taylor Inc.

For: Purchase of book ($8,508.46) and videos ($2,534.70) for West Des Moines Library.


Amount: $1,079.99

To: Bound Tree Medical LLC

For: Purchase of medical supplies for West Des Moines EMS.


Amount: $147

To: Mark Brewick

For: Mileage and parking reimbursement for month of September, including $20 for parking at a Minnesota Twins game on Sept. 18.


Amount: $2,244

To: City of Clive

For: Pool pass usage for the 2010 pool season between Clive and West Des Moines. (West Des Moines passes (7,689) used in Clive and Clive passes (7,128) used in West Des Moines.)


Amount: $1,849.99

To: Capital Sanitary Supply Co.

For: Cleaning supplies for various City of West Des Moines buildings.


Amount: $1,288

To: Adult Flag Football fall league officials (33 officials)

For: Payment for 33 officials to referee 56 adult flag football games.


Amount: $720

To: Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc.

For: Payment for Illumifest commercials.


Amount: $113.50

To: Rob Dehnert

For: Mileage reimbursement for month of September.


Amount: $4,250

To: Drake University

For: Payment for West Des Moines Leadership Tier III Development Program from Sept. 15 to 30 and Oct. 1.


Amount: $4,015

To: FBG Service Corp.

For: Monthly maintenance cleaning for various City of West Des Moines buildings.


Amount: $1,329.56

To: Forman Ford Glass Co.

For: Repair of broken glass in holding cell in jail for the City of West Des Moines Law Enforcement.


Amount: $301.75

To: Heart of the Earth

For: Purchase of four animal traps for West Des Moines Police Department.


Amount: $4,248.04

To: The Library Store Inc.

For: Purchase of CD albums for West Des Moines Library.


Amount: $235

To: Lee’s Standard

For: Payment for car washes for West Des Moines Police Department.


Salaries and Such

Name David Jacoby

Title House Assistant Majority Leader

Years experience 8

Annual salary $26,772



The Des Moines City Council recently approved a revision to the policy for travel authorization requests. Such revision requires trips that exceed three days and $1,250 to be approved by the Council. The number in parentheses indicates the total number of trips previously authorized for those individuals for the current budget year. The budget for travel and training for the 2011 fiscal year is $621,718. The amount expended for travel and training as of Oct. 4 is $77,736. CV

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