rap sheet

October 28, 2010
Compiled by Matt Miller matt@dmcityview.com


Oct. 17-19


Oct. 17, 4:14 a.m.

Assault causing injury in the intersection of Southeast Sixth Street and Livingston Avenue. The victim told officers that a friend had pushed him down an embankment and into the river, causing him to break his ankle. The victim said a group of friends were fishing and drinking all night. The victim allegedly tripped over the woman and fell on her. The suspect woke up and thought the victim tried to cop a feel of his girlfriend and pushed him into the river. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.


Oct. 18, 6:45 p.m.

Burglary in the 5000 block of Southwest Ninth Street. The victim, who is legally blind, had just finished shopping at a local grocery store. The victim was given a ride home by an unknown cab driver. Upon arrival, the victim took the groceries into the apartment, and the driver told her he would help her for a tip. The victim gave the driver $20, and the he gave her $10 in change. The victim was putting groceries away when she heard the suspect step on a plastic bag. The suspect fled the scene, and the victim noticed $15 missing from her purse. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.


Oct. 19, 1:19 a.m.

Domestic assault attempt to inflict serious injury in the 3400 block of Madison Avenue. The victim stated that the suspect suddenly grabbed her neck and began to choke the her. Then the suspect fled the scene. Officers noticed bruises and swelling on the victim’s upper left chest. Officers were unable to locate the suspect. CV






Name that crime:


A. Accused of third-degree theft and possession of a weapon as felon.


B. Accused of conspiracy to deliver scheduled II narcotics – methamphetamine.


C. Accused of operating while intoxicated (third offense) and simple assault.


D. Accused of escape or absence from custody (committed to institute) and failure to comply with sex offender registry (second offense).


E. Accused of serious injury by vehicle (OWI related) and operating while intoxicated (first offense).


F. Accused of forgery – affecting a will/deed/contract/legal relations and harassment of public officers and employees.


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