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October 28, 2010

When size doesn’t matter

An area car dealer has made marketing claims for years that it doesn’t want to be the biggest, just the best. That’s an ingenious slogan for a dealership that clearly is not No. 1 in the market but operates an incredible operation that serves its customers with an entirely different approach.

We can relate. This newspaper doesn’t have the resources that The Des Moines Register has — not the number of employees, the fancy buildings, the big presses, or the many varied benefits that large corporations can offer. We also don’t have management from another state breathing down our necks to squeeze a few more cents of profit out of the paper. We can do things the way we want to without having to follow a corporate template or rigid set of rules. And, as a result, we can serve our readers and advertisers in different, yet effective, ways. We are one of many small businesses that are faced with competing with the corporate giants each day. We are “the little guys.”

We dedicate this week’s cover story to all the other little guys out there, the Davids who continue to step up to the Goliaths. We are pleased to share the stories of a handful of these local businesses and how they have learned to compete in this world of big box stores.

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