The little guy


Des Moines’ small businesses learn to compete with corporate giants


Most of us know the biblical story of David and Goliath in the Valley of Elah. When the soldiers in the Philistine army battled the Israelites, they put forth a giant man in full armor who mocked them and issued daily challenges to fight. This giant, who was said to measure more than 9 feet tall, was named Goliath. The king of Israel and the entire army were petrified of him.

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Who’s giving money? Who isn’t? A mileage differential


Terry Branstad received 175 checks for $2,500 or more in the latest campaign-reporting period. Chet Culver got 55. Most of Branstad’s were from individuals, though there was a lot of corporate PAC money in there, too. Most of Culver’s was from labor unions, with a sprinkling of checks from committed Democrats — and a huge, $600,000 gift from the Democratic Governors Association, which has been funneling labor money to the governor throughout the campaign.

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Weinberg adds muscle to tradition of swinging, big band sound


Drum roll, please. Max Weinberg unveils the third act of his storied career when The Max Weinberg Big Band swings into Hoyt Sherman Theater on Friday, Oct. 29 for an evening of music that includes Count Basie covers, swinging arrangements of Bruce Springsteen tunes and theme songs from classic television crime shows.


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La Mie lights the night


First the good news. Joe Logsdon’s La Mie is a French café of deserved renown and minimal flair. It is a genuine scratch bakery meaning bakers break their own butter and fold it by hand, carrying their dough from sheeting to usage. That’s a two-to-three-hour process that very few American bakeries bother with anymore. La Mie also rolls baguettes by hand and practices true lamination — two lost arts. Six to eight fresh artisan breads are baked each day as are some 30 fresh pastries.


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