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August 26, 2010

Guts and glory


Iowa native will defend heavyweight championship belt during 3XWrestling event


Watkins, Iowa, is approximately 100 miles away from Des Moines and more than 1,500 miles from Hollywood, Calif. It may seem like a long ways off for many of us, but for Rory Fox, the mileage has never been too much for a man looking to chase his dream of professional wrestling. For Fox, the dream has come full circle, and he will look to defend his heavyweight championship belt against Gage Octane on Sept. 3 at 3XWrestling’s (3XW) “Clobberpalooza Classic III.”

“I’ll be defending my title,” Fox said. “I won it, and now the hunter is being the hunted. I’m now taking on different challengers. Gage is a tough opponent, but I’ve been training to keep him from taking it.”

Fox’s road from Watkins, to the WWE and back to Des Moines, is a special one. Growing up, Fox played a number of sports including baseball. He played on the Norway High School baseball team, which was depicted in the film “The Final Season.” He also found his love for wrestling and saved enough money to attend wrestling school in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I remember watching ‘WWF Superstars of Wrestling’ on TV, and I was instantly a fan,” Fox said. “I started weight training and began to see results. I thought ‘I have to try this, or I’m going to drive myself crazy.’”

While in Cincinnati, MTV featured Fox in an episode of its “True Life” series. During “True Life: I’m a Pro Wrestler,” cameras followed Fox and his trainer, Les Thatcher, as he came up with ring names, ring attire and entrance into the ring during his first match.

“It was a great experience showing people what professional wrestling is about,” Fox said. “The cameras followed me everywhere — in my house and at the gym. It sometimes even felt like I was acting for the camera. But at the same time, it really put me on the map, and I was able to get my name out there.”

With a huge list of accomplishments working in WWE, NWA, WCW and more, Fox now continues his career in Des Moines. 3XW, which was formed in early 2005, has provided Fox the opportunity for a wrestling career with some of his biggest fans.

“It’s great being with 3XWrestling in Des Moines because my friends and family have the opportunity to see me,” Fox said. “Throughout my career, I was always entertaining others. Now, I have the chance to also do it for those closest to me.”

Cody Saveraid, owner of 3XW, says Fox has become a fan favorite for many locals.

“Rory is a very good wrestler, and a very good athlete,” Saveraid said. “He has everything going for him. Plus, he’s from Iowa, so the audience can relate even more to him.”

While Fox, 34, has been on MTV, and wrestled against superstars like The Honky Tonk Man, the Bushwackers and Stevie Richards in front of thousands of screaming fans, he is still grateful for what 3XWrestling has done for his career.

“Throughout my career, there’s been a need for that spotlight,” Fox said. “Professional wrestlers need to entertain. The best thing about is that when you’re in the ring, you control people’s emotions. When things are going right, you can have them right in the palm of your hand.”

Locker Room note: Partial proceeds from next weekend’s 3XWrestling event will be donated to Shoes That Fit, an organization that provides children in need with new shoes in an effort to improve self-esteem and help them focus and excel in schools environments. CV


Caption: Rory Fox will wrestle Gage Octane in one of many fights on tap at the 3XWrestling event on Sept. 3. Photo courtesy of 3XWrestling


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