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By Matthew Scott Hunter



‘PlayStation 3 games’


A 3D world


The oft-repeated message at Sony’s E3 press conference was that PlayStation 3 can do “everything,” and it looks as though that’s about to be the case. Sony is prepping to release 20 titles in 3D, including PlayStation Network games like “WipeOut HD” and “Super StarDust HD.” And many of these games will be compatible at launch with the new PlayStation Move motion controller. But even PS3 owners who don’t rush out to buy a 3D-enabled television or the motion-sensitive wands will still find an onslaught of new software for their consoles.

Fans of driving games will soon be able to hit the dirt and asphalt in “MotorStorm: Apocalypse” and “Gran Turismo 5,” respectively. And fans of any of Sony’s popular platforming franchises will see their favorite characters in action in the triple-crossover game “Heroes on the Move,” which features Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley, and which will hopefully get a less dopey title before its release later this year. Sadly, there was no news about “The Last Guardian” — director Fumito Ueda’s much anticipated follow-up to “Shadow of the Colossus,” but here are three other PS3 exclusives that showcase just about “everything” the PlayStation 3 can do.


‘Killzone 3’

Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: February 2011

Already one of the most gorgeous franchises of this console generation, “Killzone” manages to look even better in 3D. An arctic factory level had me mesmerized just looking at the snowflakes realistically drifting through 3D space. It was almost a shame when those pesky Helghast soldiers showed up in jetpacks to interrupt my sightseeing. The third entry in Sony’s flagship first-person shooter series promises to be less oppressively dark than its predecessors, while still offering the same frantic, run-and-gun action, which can be performed with either the new Move controller or the same old Dualshock you’ve used to gun down countless other space Nazis.



Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: Q2 (second quarter) 2011

Showcasing the accurate, one-to-one tracking of the Move controller was Sony’s newest IP, “Sorcery.” The game casts you as a sorcerer’s apprentice, making the Move controller your wand. Briefly holding the controller aloft before swinging it down makes your avatar do likewise, activating a shockwave spell, and tilting the controller back like a beverage makes him drink a potion — one of which transforms him into a rat. The gameplay feels very similar to the upcoming “Zelda” title, “Skyward Sword,” but being compared to “Zelda” is never a bad thing, and the magical elements are sure to appeal to fans of a certain bespectacled wizard.


‘Twisted Metal’

Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: 2011

In terms of software, Sony’s most exciting announcement was the return of its longest running franchise, “Twisted Metal,” directed by original designer (and “God of War” creator) David Jaffe. The newest entry will have an enormous online multiplayer component and will be packed with even more of the vehicular carnage and sick humor that made the original famous. For example, “Twisted Metal’s” version of “Capture the Flag” is “Capture the Leader of the Opposing Faction,” who is then used as combustible fuel for a missile launcher, which fires a rocket at a giant floating evil clown effigy. Weird and awesome. CV



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