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By Jared Curtis


‘The Crazies’
Directed by Breck Eisner
Rated R,101 minutes

The newest film fed through the remake machine is “The Crazies.” The classic George A. Romero film gets an upgrade thanks to the latest technology, but still was not all that engaging. Yes, the majority of it was shot in Iowa, but when the infection causing people to go crazy revolves around a swampy marsh (can’t say that I’ve seen very many of those in Iowa), there’s a problem. The film’s saving grace is Timothy Olyphant, who shines as Sheriff David Dutton. Olyphant (who was tremendous in the FX show “Justified”) plays the sheriff as a cool, calm character while the world around is going mad. There were some moments I really enjoyed — others, like the ending, I loathed. Does it offer the paranoia and fear the original film unleashed? No. But give it a rent anyway and support the once rising Iowa film industry. CV


‘The Crazies’
Directed by George A. Romero
1973, Rated R, 103 minutes

Evans City, Pa., is a small town where friendly people stroll up and down Main Street, living life out of a Norman Rockwell painting. But soon strange occurrences start happening including a farmer setting his house on fire (with the family inside). Soon, U.S. troops, heavily armed and wearing bio-hazard suits, show up at the doctor’s office and Judy (Lane Caroll), a nurse, discovers something isn’t right in their small town. Something is in the water making people go crazy. She tells her firefighter boyfriend David (W.G. McMillan), and, along with another fireman (Harold Wayne Jones), the three try to escape the town’s barricades. A vivid scene with a sweet grandmother stabbing a solider in the neck with a knitting needle has stuck with me for years. “The Crazies” might not have today’s technology, but it offers something much greater than computer-generated effects — paranoia and fear. CV

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