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By Dean Robbins

The cops look like supermodels in ‘Rookie Blue’

Tell me if ABC’s new “Rookie Blue” (Thursday, 8 p.m.) sounds familiar: A group of young cops who look like supermodels graduate from police academy and pair up with crotchety veterans. The veterans have little patience for the rookies’ mistakes, but the rookies try hard to redeem themselves. They succeed right before the last commercial break.

No, “Rookie Blue” doesn’t offer many cop-show surprises, but it does pass the hour pleasantly. As I mentioned, the young cops look like supermodels — ‘nuff said. The actors are appealing, too, particularly Missy Peregrym as an eager beaver with a heart almost too big for her line of work.

I hope that “Rookie Blue” has a long life, and that the new cops never learn from their experiences. Their mistakes are way too endearing.


‘Memphis Beat’
Tuesday, 9 p.m. (TNT)

Jason Lee (“My Name is Earl”) plays a handsome detective who engages in smirking banter with his buddies but turns deadly serious when there’s a crime to solve. He finds ways to work around his no-nonsense chief (Alfre Woodard), who disapproves of his unconventional methods. He’s tender toward kids but a hotheaded terror in the interrogation room.

In other words, “Memphis Beat” is a standard cop show. That’s where the “Memphis” part comes in — to add a distinguishing feature, in the form of Southern accents, Beale Street locations and lots of Elvis Presley music. I love hearing Elvis’ songs, but, frankly, I’d be just as happy to hear them without “Memphis Beat” attached. CV


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