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Hy-Vee Triathlon returns bigger and better


Caleb Pike opens his eyes and peers at his alarm clock. It reads 4 a.m., time for him to leave his fiancé and their warm bed to train. Pike rises early so he can get back in time to enjoy breakfast with his family before his workday begins. He can hear the wind whipping the tree branches as he laces up his ASICS running shoes. It’s miserably cold even with numerous layers of clothes on. He knows windburn is a given. But even though the roads are desolate and the sweat begins to freeze as it rolls down his face, Pike knows it’ll all be worth it once he crosses the finishing line in four months at the Hy-Vee Triathlon.
In only its fourth year, the Hy-Vee Triathlon, June 11-13, has established itself as one of the premier athletic events in the Midwest. Last year, the event brought in 1,600 participants, and officials report it surpassed the 2,000 mark in late May. The event features amateur and professional athletes swimming, biking and running numerous distances.
“We set the participant cap at 3,000, but this could be a record year for us,” said Ruth Comer, assistant vice president of media relations. “And with attendance being free, we estimate 28,000 to 30,000 in attendance over the three days.”

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Wolf pups, Sarah Palin, Glen Oaks, a photo screw-up


Chet Culver goes into the general election with $3,185,572.09 on hand. But as of Friday not a penny of it has come from his predecessor, Tom Vilsack, or Vilsack’s wife, Christie, or Vilsack’s lieutenant governor for eight years, Sally Pederson. Pederson’s husband, Jim Autry, wrote a $100 check to Culver last summer. Mike Bluoin, who faced Culver in the primary last go-round, hasn’t given a cent to the governor this time — or to any other state-wide candidate. And Congressmen Bruce Braley and Leonard Boswell and Dave Loebsack haven’t given anything to the Culver-Judge campaign, either. For that matter, neither have Chet or Mari Culver or Patty or John Judge.
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Index Case returns with stronger, darker, independent release ‘Augustagein’

A series of monthly concerts chronologically revisiting the last three albums made by Index Case in their entirety culminates Saturday, June 12 with a show at People’s Court in which the Des Moines-based metal band performs material from its new, independent album, “Augustagein.” For Index Case, one of Des Moines’ most talked about metal bands in the post-Slipknot era, it signifies a new chapter in their 12-year-career.
“I think this is our best album,” said singer Joe Ansley, 29. “It feels good to be back.”
“Augustagein” is the long awaited follow-up to the band’s 2005 self-titled album, which was released on Mortal Records, an independent label in Chicago. Some of its songs, including “The Cut” and “Underwater,” were written and recorded in 2006. But its darker themes and angst are the result of the band’s roller-coaster off-stage affairs, including changes in personnel and being signed, then promptly shelved, by Elektra/No Name Records, which soon folded after inking a deal with Index Case...Read More>>

Uncommon bars, uncommon bar foods


Beer drinking has shaped American food history since the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, instead of Virginia, because they’d run out of ale. Uniquely American foods, from porterhouse steaks to Buffalo wings, have been invented in taverns. Today bar food is an industry, fueled by sports bar growth and the beer drinker’s unbridled desire to deep-fry everything edible. Some places, like the Chicken Coop, preview the latest industrial products seeking to become the next jalapeno popper. For the most part though, bar food is boringly similar — frozen pizza, chips and dips, heavily breaded fried things and grilled sandwiches. So hoping to find something different, I visited two bars that have carved unique niches in the local scene.
If Fatboyz were a TV show it would be a hybrid of “Sons of Anarchy” and “Modern Family.” This suburban biker bar has a full kitchen that caters to families with daily lunch and dinner specials (kids eat free on Tuesday) plus more on Bike Nights. That kitchen mixes typical fare with invention: A predictable spinach-artichoke dip was served with focaccia instead of chips. Good hot wings could be ordered with homemade sauces on the side (mild, hot, BBQ, Asian Sweet Chili, house, ranch or blue cheese.) Cheese sticks and cream cheese poppers will not disappoint, or surprise anyone. Hog wings, a dish that has somehow not yet become a pork state icon, is the bar’s attention grabber. Pork was braised on the bone and finished in a deep fryer, producing a crisp yet tender treat similar to authentic carnitas....Read More>>

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