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Immigration change won’t work?

Shame on you for being so pessimistic (“Our View,” April 29). Give it a few years. I think the whole purpose is to stop people at the border. Arizona is the first to enact this because they are the state that sees the most illegals. With more than 4,000 trying to come across their borders every day, I would think they would be the first to enact such a law. I don’t think the rest of the U.S. completely understands the severity of the problem down there. We live several states away, and our immigrant population is nothing compared to the southern states. No, we can’t police the ones who are already here, but we certainly can do something to stop any more from coming in. And as far as “racial profiling” is concerned… the legals can thank the illegals for that. It is what it is, if you are going to be in a country illegally, then expect to be asked why. If you don’t want to be, then get the hell out of here.

Cassandra Hunt
Des Moines


Pay for the music
As I was reading the article “Des Moines Farmers’ Market music preview” in a recent Des Moines Register (April 29), I was happy to read that they are giving local musicians a chance to work at the downtown farmers’ market. That was until I came to the sentence “Musicians do not get paid for performing at the market.” Market director, Kelly Foss, states: “They can set out a tip jar and sell CDs” and mentions that they get “exposure.” I wonder if Ms. Foss would call her plumber or roofer and ask them to bring their truck and tools to her home to fix her toilet for tips and exposure? The Des Moines Farmers’ Market is not a charitable organization — it is a business. Considering the outrageous fees they charge their vendors, there is no good reason that they shouldn’t pay musicians for performing at their event.

Jamie Grimm
Des Moines


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