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For several years now, we have been publishing an annual issue focusing on crime in the metro, a sampling of arrests from the Des Moines Police Department within a specific timeframe. We have published photos and names of those alleged to be involved in criminal activity. Our readers continue to respond favorably; those arrested, not so much. But we understand your fascination with crime and your desire to peruse through photos to see if you know someone. One staff member even jokingly compared this issue to her high school yearbook.

The popularity of this edition apparently inspired a group of out-of-staters to launch a publication with the sole purpose of publishing these types of crime photos weekly. Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, so we will take that as a compliment. But we live by a simple philosophy here at Cityview: a little bit of everything is OK; too much of one thing is bad.

So with that, we bring back our annual “Busted” edition for our annual look. Let’s hope your classmates didn’t make the issue.

Thanks for reading. CV

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