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Laugh-induced tears

Your recent issue (“Aprils Fools,” April 1) more than made my day! How refreshing to find a publication with a sense of humor! At the gym this morning, I was highly entertained when I overheard one of the trainers explaining to someone, who had evidently fallen for the legalizing prostitution piece, that it was a joke! My personal favorite was the nude bowling. Delightful issue, thank you!

Patti Parker
West Des Moines


Legalized brothels? Sounds like a plan
Cityview’s April 1st fun-filled piece (“April Fools,” April 1) regarding the legalization of prostitution to battle the budget bomb had a why not vibe to it. Let’s profit from our hinky whores and hustlers. Let us do it with class. Close the hot sheet motels and dump the pimps. Imagine storefront facilities with concierges and full medical check ups for the workers to protect the patrons. Taxes on both ends, service and corporate profit penalties would soar the treasury and reload school faculty lounges while providing a genuine social need. No fooling, off the streets and into the suites. I’m in, or on.

Gary Wilson
Des Moines


Problems with ‘The Well’
I read your cover story (“‘Well’ Done!” March 25) but here’s the negative you missed. At the Tim McGraw concert, the “Well” wouldn’t open the outside doors until an hour before the show, leaving hundreds of people outside on a very cold winter evening. It was really cold, and there was no reason to leave all those folks, who spent a lot of money waiting outside, when they could have been inside buying merchandise, food and drinks. I’ll never to go another show there in the winter because of this and feel the “Well” should rethink their door procedure. When we finally did get inside, we weren’t allowed in the arena for another 15 minutes. The Well has a “we already got their money, let them wait” attitude. I love the shows they are getting, but don’t like their procedures.

Dave Merrill
Des Moines



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