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Heroes End, Dead Horse Trauma, Destrophy, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Bury Your Dead and Otep
Feb. 24, People’s Court

Metal fans warmed up People’s Court on a blustery February night as six bands took the stage. Local acts Heroes End and Dead Horse Trauma kicked things off, but neither impressed. At least Dead Horse Trauma dressed for the occasion — nothing like watching someone scream into the microphone while wearing a blazer. Also hailing from Des Moines, Destrophy (signed to Victory Records, along with Bury Your Dead and Otep) has been opening shows on a national level, and you can tell the band is growing, as their set was tight and proficient. Through the Eyes of the Dead, brought the intensity to a whole new level. Vocalist Danny Rodriguez was saying something, but I couldn’t make out a word. The best band of the night, Bury Your Dead, sent fans into a frenzy, as frontman Myke Terry told the crowd he wanted everyone to give him a high-five “no matter what it takes.” The fans went nuts, climbing bodies to get to the front and then jumping off the stage. It was what metal should be — pure chaos. Headliners Otep had big shoes to follow but never matched the intensity. Lead singer Otep Shamaya is attractive and runs the spectrum from soft melodies to death metal growls. Their set was good, but Shamaya is vocal about her beliefs and it turned their set into more of rally than a concert, killing the mood. CV — Jared Curtis


Otep at People’s Court
Photo by Jared Curtis
Bury Your Dead at People’s Court
Photo by Jared Curtis
Destrophy at People’s Court
Photo by Jared Curtis
Through The Eyes Of The Dead at People’s Court
Photo by Jared Curtis




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