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By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

Bringing you ‘The Best’


For two decades now, the pages of Cityview have been filled with a variety of opinions from a variety of people. I am proud of what we do each week. I don’t always agree with everything printed, but that’s never been a requirement. Having said that, I do agree with the need to have it printed and appreciate the opportunity to do so.

When I became publisher of the newspaper five years ago, I was determined to not allow the paper to center around the opinions of a single person, including me. I wanted it to be a mix of thoughts and ideas that would challenge readers to think about issues in ways they may not have previously done. I hired a number of talented people to do just that, and it has paid off with more people reading this newspaper today than ever in its history.

This issue represents the melting pot of opinion better than any other, as the cover story solely reflects your opinions on local businesses, products, services, people and events. By participating in our survey, you told us what and who you felt were the “best,” and we are pleased to publish the results.

Other publishing companies have tried their “best” to copy our approach, and we appreciate the attention. Even so, there’s only one “Best of Des Moines,” and you are about to engage yourself in it.

Thanks for reading. CV

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