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By Matt Miller


Well GameDay fans, we’ve reached the Promised Land. After weeks of shuffling the deck, Super Bowl XLIV pits the New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts (16-2) are coming off another come-from-behind, yet convincing win that has summarized their season. The 30-17 AFC championship game win against the New York Jets helped the Colts appear in their second Super Bowl in four seasons. The Saints (15-3) are led by Drew Brees who quarterbacked in a 31-28 NFC championship victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

So, what gives? Not much. This weekend’s game is the first time since 1993 that two No. 1 seeds will face off in the Super Bowl. GameDay is awfully impressed with the emergence of receivers Pierre Garcon and rookie Austin Collie. Garcon reeled in 11 catches for 153 yards in the AFC championship game, while Collie had a career-best seven catches for 123 yards. Peyton Manning, who was named this season’s MVP (first player to win the honor four times) has passed for 4,500 yards and 33 touchdowns. Besides Garcon and Collie, the 33-year-old Manning also has Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark to rely on, too.

On the other side of the ball, the Saints and their pass-happy offense are making their first Super Bowl appearance. There is no denying the Saints can keep up with the Colts’ offense. Brees has thrown for 4,388 yards and 34 touchdowns this season. But the one thing the Saints do have going for them, to counteract their weak passing defense, is winning the turnover battle. New Orleans has seven takeaways this postseason, including 39 takeaways during the regular season. Look for the Saints to try and disrupt Peyton’s timing early and often.

GameDay acknowledges the Colts have already won in South Florida — a 29-17 win over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI — and believes they can do it again this year. For the Colts, Super Bowl XLIV features a new foe but the result will be the same.

Colts win 38-27.


Super Bowl XLIV
Sunday, Feb. 7
5:25 p.m.

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts

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