dvd reviews

By Jared Curtis


‘Black Dynamite’
Directed by Scott Saunders
Rated R, 90 minutes

Now dig this, jive turkeys — “Black Dynamite” is one of the baddest mofos around. After his brother is killed, this dude is on a mission to wipe out every drug dealer pushing junk in his neighborhood. A terrific throwback to the classic blaxploitation films of the ’70s, “Black Dynamite” is a laugh-out-loud film that doesn’t make fun of the reoccurring trends in that genre (wah-wah pedal music, bad editing, ridiculous dialogue and plenty of sex and violence) but rather plays out as an homage to the coolness of those films. Michael Jai White (“Spawn,” “The Dark Knight”) stars as the tough talking, nunchuck welding hero who is as much of a lover as he is a fighter. Featuring multiple gun battles, fistfights, exploding helicopters, poisoned 40-ounce bottles and Richard Nixon, “Black Dynamite” will have you laughing long after the funkadelic credits roll. CV


Directed by Jack Hill
1973, Rated R, 91 minutes

Sticking with the blaxploitation theme, I could have chosen the iconic “Shaft” or “Superfly” as my choice. But I wanted to give props to ladies, which is why I chose “Coffy.” Pam Grier was the original blaxploitation sex symbol, and in my book, she looks as sexy as ever. Grier starred in a number of films from the genre (“The Big Doll House,” “The Big Bird Cage,” “Black Mama, White Mama,” “Foxy Brown”) but none is better than “Coffy.” A nurse by trade, Coffy turns to vigilante justice when her younger sister is hospitalized after shooting up contaminated heroin. With sex appeal and a shotgun, Coffy decimates every drug dealer who crosses her path. Although Grier’s best role was the title character in “Jackie Brown,” “Coffy” is a tremendous film for the genre and shows that tough chicks can be just as bad as the fellas. CV

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