what's inside

By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

One for the women

Only a third of our staff at the office is men. That’s not unusual at newspapers today, but it does show how an industry once dominated by old white men has changed. In the past few decades, an effort was made to create newspaper staffs that reflect the communities we live in. At some papers, the pendulum has swung too far, but the mix has provided a new perspective for journalists and readers.

Newspapers, especially corporate-owned dailies, have become more feminine, and that is quite obvious in the pages of the local Gannett daily. As reporters spend more time writing about the hot colors of throw pillows and less time investigating crime at city hall, it creates opportunities for papers like this one. But with this testosterone-driven approach comes occasional static from some females about not having enough news for women.

So for this week, we caved. We are not getting squeezed into juice, mind you. The diversion is just temporary, but it is a good one.

Our cover story is dedicated to women who have been troubled by frustrating men. Reporter Matt Miller interviews Rhonda Ricardo, the author of “Cherries Over Quicksand,” a book that she says helps women become the ones guys can’t live without. There’s something for all of us guys to learn in the book, too, if we can put down our TV remotes, wrenches and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition long enough to soak it in.

Thanks for reading. CV