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Shotwell’s friends and foes

Walt Shotwell sounds like every other crying liberal (“Please, WHO Radio, cancel Limbaugh,” Jan. 28) who hates conservatives and especially Rush Limbaugh. You have probably never listened in its entirety to a complete Rush Limbaugh show. Yet, like most liberals, you feel obligated to attack Rush not really knowing what he said.

Walt, if you don’t like conservative talk radio, turn to a station that carries the Progressive Talk Network. Oops, sorry, they filed for bankruptcy this month. Believe it or not, there are millions of us listeners who love Rush, who enjoy his sincerity, wit, humor and love the fact that WHO Radio is smart enough to keep him on the air.

Jerry DeGan
Des Moines


Rush Limbaugh isn’t only problem at WHO Radio
I appreciate columnist Walt Shotwell’s focusing our attention and complaints toward WHO Station Manager Joel McCrea if we are fed up with the vitriolic rages of Rush Limbaugh (“Please, WHO Radio, cancel Limbaugh,” Jan. 28). I might add that Mr. McCrea is also responsible for the shows of Limbaugh wannabes — Jan Mikelson and Steve Deace. Intimidation, professorial declarations and Biblical interpretations spoken by entertainers are all part of the station’s fare. How can these men be given up to eight hours of airtime daily on a station that professes to be informative? If forced to choose, I’d rather hear about the “real thing” on WHO’s Farm Show than have it shoveled to me under the guise of fair and balanced programming. If not for WHO Radio, I wonder what kind of work they could do in the real world?

Lloyd Kaufman
Des Moines


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