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He’s in. He’s out. Or is he in?

Cheeseheads say to be prepared for the teeter-totter of emotions that Brett Favre will put football fans through until the 2010 opening kickoff.

He wouldn’t really do that again, would he?

We asked Favre to quit barking in this column last August. We thought the tease was over with his announcement that he would remain retired. But, like you, we were in full attention when he changed his mind again and finally snapped a ball in a purple jersey.

It was a Cinderella season for Favre and the Vikings, although the carriage never quite made it to the grand ball. After leading his team to one completion away from a Superbowl, could he really throw it all away?

We know you are sore, Brett. You should be after all those hits you took in the 31-28 loss against New Orleans.

We know you feel badly about that last interception, too. And you should. Yes, we all screamed at you for blowing Ryan Longwell’s chance to kick a field goal to win the game. But you couldn’t end on an interception in Green Bay or New York, and you won’t in Minnesota either.

Minnesota wants you back. No, they need you back. You are good for them, and you are good for the NFL. Unless, of course, the Donovan McNabb thing works out. But one drama at a time.

You were the missing piece that the Vikings needed to get to the Super Bowl. With the franchise’s 50 year anniversary coming next year, could you really pass up this historic opportunity? Hell, even Kurt Warner came back for one last shot.

You are at the top of your game, Brett, so why walk away? Finish your contract and take the $13 million in 2010. That will buy a lot of Wranglers. And quit telling ESPN that a return is “highly unlikely,” as we have heard it all before.

OK, we know you will turn 41 this year. We know you have tension with your head coach. We know that next season’s schedule isn’t the pancake you had this year. But you can’t be satisfied.

The Pro Bowl selection was obviously meaningless to you, and always has been. In the 11 times you have been chosen, you only showed up for four.

So what will satisfy you, Brett? We know the answer is a Super Bowl win, and that’s exactly why you will be back next season.

Maybe. CV

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