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WWE superstar The Miz highlights RAW at Wells Fargo Arena


By Matt “It’s MillerTime” Miller

With all the hype and hoopla surrounding John Cena, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) poster child of “Monday Night Raw,” Mike Mizanin feels like he’s the one getting the shaft when it comes to WWE supremacy. Mizanin, wrestling’s most outspoken bad boy and otherwise known as The Miz, says while everyone hates him, he loves every minute of it.

“Plain and simple, no one really likes me,” said Mizanin, 29. “I came from outside the business and in my opinion, have become pretty successful. People are always going to be skeptical about if I really belong here or not. It doesn’t matter what they think; I believe I can be the best.”

Already an up-and-coming WWE superstar, Mizanin will have the chance to strut his stuff once again when WWE Raw visits Wells Fargo Arena for the first time on Feb. 15. In years past, WWE Smackdown has televised from Wells Fargo Arena and WWE Raw was also televised from Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Jerry Springer will be the special guest host for the Feb. 15 event.

“For anyone who hasn’t been to a WWE event, it’s like a rock concert,” Mizanin said. “When the wrestlers are introduced, the emotions start flying and the blood starts pumping. We encourage people to boo and cheer all they want. It’s a time to be vocal and fun.”

Mizanin’s rise from an unknown to becoming one of the most hated wrestlers in the industry has been anything but easy. The 29-year-old Ohio native dropped out of college in order to appear on the tenth season of MTV’s reality television program “The Real World” in 2001. During an episode Mizanin showed himself as an angry, combative and headstrong wrestler. He then joined Ultimate Pro Wrestling and made his in-ring debut in 2003 as The Miz. The following year, Mizanin was a contestant on “Tough Enough,” a competition that would award the winner a WWE contract and $1,000,000. Mizanin was runner-up, but gained enough attention from WWE officials. The rest is history.

“I grew up loving professional wrestling, and it motivated me to become even better,” he said. “While I’ve made it to the WWE, I haven’t reached my goal. I’m not going to stop here. When people think about wrestling, they think about Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan. I don’t want that — I want them to think of me. I’m The Miz, and I’m awesome.”

Mizanin took a step in the right direction when he defeated Kofi Kingston for the WWE United States Championship on Oct. 5, 2009.

“That was huge,” Mizanin said. “All the years of hard work paid off, but I’m still not there yet. I’m haven’t reached the top yet.”

For fans in attendance, Mizanin says he has an arsenal of stunt moves such as “The Reality Check” and “The Skull-Crushing Finale.”

“Those are two of my most lethal finishing moves,” Mizanin said. “They are risky moves, but are well worth it.”

Although Mizanin is the reigning WWE United States Champion, he says it isn’t enough.

“I’m already on the losing end of the stick because I’m seen as an outcast in the industry,” he said. “One day I hope to be considered the greatest.”

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Caption: The Miz (background) hopes to use his “Skull-Crushing Finale” finishing move on an unworthy opponent during “Monday Night Raw” on Feb. 15. Photo courtesy of 2009 World Wrestling Entertainment

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