It's Your Money

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Paid for by taxpayers in…

Polk Co.
(paid during the week of Nov. 17th)

Amount: $80
To: American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators
For: Annual maintenance fee for Amanda Luick and Julie Vancil from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2010.

Amount: $200
To: Associate Producers Inc.
For: Prosecution expenses in Jerrid Winfrey Des Moines Police Department case. Step up client supplied CDs to DVD. Quantity 2.

Amount: $3,500
To: Beemer Fisheries
For: Wildlife exhibit supplies.

Amount: $30.80
To: Irene Cameron
For: Mileage and meal reimbursement for expenses for UAT testing in Ankeny from Oct. 29 to 30.

Amount: $135
To: Capital Sanitary Supply Co.
For: Purchase of household items for Polk County, 1985 N.E. 51st Place.

Amount: $5,237.10
To: Capital Sanitary Supply Co.
For: Purchase of custodial supplies for River Place, 2309 Euclid Ave.

Amount: $459.98
To: Carpenter Uniform Co.
For: Purchase of two parka jackets for Polk County Medical Examiner.

Amount: $764.61
To: Centennial Products Inc.
For: Purchase of medical and lab supplies for Polk County Medical Examiner.

Amount: $196.90
To: Cindy Danitz
For: Mileage reimbursement from Nov. 16 to 19.

Amount: $500
To: Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club Inc.
For: Five-year membership and dues for team members for 2010 for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office’s Metro Star Rifle Team.

Amount: $20
To: District 1 Treasurers
For: District dues for 2009-10.

Amount: $549.42
To: Des Moines Water Works
For: Water and sanitary sewer services for various City of Des Moines locations.

Amount: $162.70
To: Becky Evans
For: Mileage reimbursement from Nov. 10 and 11.

Amount: $298.95
To: Galls Inc.
For: Purchase of law enforcement supplies for Polk County Conservation.

Amount: $6,866.26
To: Nextel Communications
For: Telephone service for secret investigations by Polk County Sheriff’s Office.


Your taxes not at workSalaries and Such
Name William Vaughn
Title Johnston Police Chief
Years experience 0
Annual salary $100,000+

State budget

Last week, Gov. Chet Culver released the Iowa Efficiency Review report, which shows 90 recommendations for cost-saving measures to save $340 million in the first year, and nearly $1.7 billion in the next five years. The recommendations include being smart purchasers; managing state assets better; taking full advantage of e-government solutions; delivering government services more efficiently; leveraging funds and improving financial management; and common sense changes. In the coming week, Gov. Culver will sign an executive order enacting most of the recommendations for executive action. CV



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“Movin’ on up, to the southside. To that deluxe trailer in the sky. Movin’ on up, we finally got a piece of the rock.”

Tom McDonald

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