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By Dean Robbins


‘The Closer’ overdoes it, again

The world has rightly taken notice of the awesome actresses headlining cable TV series: Glenn Close in “Damages,” Holly Hunter in “Saving Grace,” Mary-Louise Parker in “Weeds,” and several others. “The Closer’s” Kyra Sedgwick gets lumped into this group, but I find both her performance and her show less compelling.

In this week’s episode (Monday, 8 p.m., TNT), Sedgwick’s L.A. police chief Brenda Johnson — a transplant from the South — investigates a case of domestic abuse. Brenda is repeatedly advised to “tread lightly” in her investigation, but all hell breaks loose anyway. The husband dies in a police shootout, and Brenda is accused of blowing it big-time.

Sedgwick is as hammy as ever, and the filmmakers don’t help by piling on the clichés. The climax features a showdown in a morgue between Brenda, Capt. Raydor and a couple of perps. The revelations come pouring out as they scream at each other over the husband’s mutilated body. And just in case that’s not overheated enough for you, the coroner keeps inserting a metal probe into the squishy corpse.

Whatever happened to “treading lightly”?

‘Bank of Hollywood’
Monday, 9 p.m. (E!)

This reality series allows needy people to come before a panel of celebrities to request a wad of Hollywood cash. The supplicants make their pitch, and the panelists decide who’s worthy. The celebrities include TV-mogul wife Candy Spelling, Wilhelmina Models president Sean Patterson and Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton.

It’s good to know that, even if the health-care initiative dies in Congress, the Pussycat Dolls have our backs in times of need. CV


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