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‘Knit the Season’
By Kate Jacobs
Penguin USA
$ 24.95
272 pp

 This is the third book in the “Friday Night Knitting Club Series.” I found it truly amazing. The story continues after the death of Georgia, who was the owner of Walker and Daughter Yarn Shop. Dakota, Georgia’s daughter, is now the owner of the yarn shop along with the help of Peri, one of the original members of the Friday Night Knitting Club. Throughout the years Dakota has grown up and is now looking forward to expanding the yarn shop to include a knitting café. She decides over Christmas break from school to do an internship at a local hotel. The rest of the family is planning on a trip to Scotland to visit other family members. Dakota’s father surprises her with a ticket to Scotland, but Dakota is undecided about whether to do the internship or go to Scotland. She must decide what is most important, furthering her career or spending Christmas with her family.

The story weaves back and forth through the past and present and brings to light what Georgia was really like as a person. Dakota sees different aspects of her mother while others have told her stories about what Georgia was like as a friend. She finally sees what her mother Georgia was really made of through the conversations with friends and family. Through many twists and turns in the lives of the “Friday Night Knitting Club” girls, you find that you cannot put this book down until you read the whole story. CV — Review by Michelle Pritchard

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