It's Your Money

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Paid for by taxpayers in…

Polk Co.
(paid during the week of Nov. 30th)

Amount: $1,939.73
To: Capital Sanitary Supply Co.
For: Purchase of cleaning supplies for various City of West Des Moines buildings.

Amount: $24,545
To: Des Moines Metro Transit Authority
For: Purchase of 300 DART passes for use by the City of West Des Moines.

Amount: $151.40
To: Emergency Medical Products Inc.
For: Purchase of EMS supplies for West Des Moines EMS.

Amount: $1,500
To: G.P. Enterprises
For: Fee for exterior caulking at concrete stairs to retaining walls at Holiday Aquatic Center.

Amount: $180
To: Richard Klahn
For: Fee for officiating nine adult volleyball league games.

Amount: $395
To: Larry’s Window Service Inc.
For: Payment for window cleaning at West Des Moines Human Services.

Amount: $79.20
To: Melanie Perry
For: Mileage reimbursement from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31.

Amount: $230.32
To: Shift Calendars Inc.
For: Purchase of 2010 calendars for West Des Moines EMS.

Amount: $13,150
To: Ver-Mac Inc.
For: Purchase of portable changeable message sign City of West Des Moines Public Works Department.

Amount: $2,135.40
To: The Vernon Co.
For: Purchase of 1,000 Clip and Carry Sanitizers for West Des Moines EMS.

Amount: $31.25
To: Kurt Westhoff
For: Meal reimbursement from Nov. 12 during Regional Metro Area Investigators Meeting.

Amount: $900
To: Indianapolis Hilton
For: Lodging and parking for Joe Godfroy of West Des Moines Police Department while attending a Law Enforcement Video Association conference in Indianapolis, Ind.

Amount: $242.29
To: Hasco Tag Co.
For: Purchase of 1,000 animal tags for West Des Moines Police Department Animal Control.

Amount: $13,130
To: Arnett Muldrow and Associates
For: Professional services for Valley Junction Market study.



The Des Moines City Council recently approved $3,268 for Lt. Paul Stout to attend the courses Crime Scene Technology II and III in Evanston, Ill., from May 2 to 14. The courses will teach crime assessment, bloodstain and pattern documentation, latent print development, crime scene reconstruction and other topics. The amount budgeted for travel for the 2010 fiscal year is $629,436. The amount expended as of Nov. 30 is $181,675. CV


Your taxes not at workSalaries and Such

Name:Tom Brands
Title: University of Iowa
head wrestling coach
Years experience: 4
Annual salary: $194,999.96





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