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Sarah Palin just won’t go away
She may not know how to effectively work a vice presidential campaign, but Sarah Palin does know how to sign books quickly — nearly 1,000 in 85 minutes to be exact.

In her visit to the Sioux City Barnes & Noble Bookseller last Sunday, Palin prolonged her celebrity status at a book signing for her newly released autobiography, “Going Rogue.”

And rogue she is. Or at least that’s what she wants us to think.

Type Palin’s name quickly and it may accidentally come out as “Plain.” She is working hard to make sure she is far from that. And it seems to be working, for better or worse.

We continue to be amazed that the governor of Alaska — or any governor for that matter — can draw so much unwarranted attention after losing a major campaign and resigning from her position.

Yes, we too were intrigued by Palin. At first.

Yes, we too applauded John McCain for what seemed like a masterful choice of a running mate. At first.

Yes, we too found her aw-shucks, you-betcha, eye-winking approach to be amusing and a bit refreshing. At first.

But when Palin finally started talking, she proved that she is no more qualified to be president than Mike Tyson is to be pope. They may both be heavy hitters, but their legitimacy diminishes when they open their mouths. Tyson finally figured out it was time to fade away. Palin needs to follow suit, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. She seems to be absorbed by the celebrity status, even if it is in Siouxtucky.

Her appearance in Republican-heavy northwest Iowa wasn’t a big risk, but hundreds of fans did show up hours early to get in line for nothing more than an impersonal autograph. Or maybe they just wanted to see Palin’s antler-donning tour bus. Either way, her 100-minute tardiness didn’t seem to annoy many of the Palinites.

That’s still to come. CV

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