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By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

The sounds of Christmas
With a few inches of the white stuff keeping the outside bitterly cold, the holiday spirit seems to warm us up all the more. So with winter in full swing, we can now officially break out the seasonal music and not have to dream about a white Christmas.

Most who celebrate Christmas place holiday music in one of two categories: love it or hate it. But to think that Christmas tunes are a one-size-fits-all would make old St. Nick himself break out in a raucous belly laugh.

Our office staff offers a mix of ages, backgrounds and experiences, and it shows in our musical preferences. We asked 12 of our staff members to provide a review of their favorite yuletide platters, and we discovered quite a mix of sounds and opinions.

From Rob Halford to Mariah Carey to Ronan Tynan, you will surely find one or two of our choices that you can relate to this holiday season. We encourage you to seek out this music on the original LPs or digital versions and give them a spin. Or break out your own and share the joy with your friends and family. Either way, we offer heartfelt cheers to the sounds of Christmas!

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