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by Jared Curtis


Lamb of God, GWAR and Job For A Cowboy
Val Air Ballroom, Oct. 9


Last Friday night, the metal gods shined upon our fair city and brought some of the heaviest music touring today, Lamb of God and GWAR. Opener Job for A Cowboy was a no show, but it didn’t matter, the crowd was here to see the other two acts. GWAR took the stage to ravenous cheers. Decked out in full attire, a cross between “The Road Warrior” and “Aliens,” the band delivered a tight set of heavy tunes. But the music was only a part of the show — GWAR battled a giant robot, sacrificed a baby with a sword and after returning for an encore, decapitated President Obama. Every time someone or something died on stage, a green liquid sprayed uncontrollably into the crowd, leaving front row fans resembling the jolly green giant. The show was like nothing I’d ever seen, a horror movie coming to life and playing out in front of my eyes. They took over the crowd like a cult with lead singer Oderus Urungus chanting and having them repeat his every command. I felt badly for Lamb of God. They rocked the house, but something on the magnitude of GWAR’s show is extremely hard to follow. Blasting out of the start full steam ahead, so heavy, yet so technical, Lamb of God displayed amazing musicianship. Although they don’t have the theatrical antics of GWAR, Lamb of God does put on a tremendous show. Tune after tune blasted the audience’s eardrums. The music was so heavy, it sounded like the waiting room for hell — and the crowd loved it. CV — Jared Curtis


Chevelle at Val Air Ballroom
Photo by Shannon Smith

Halestorm at Val Air Ballroom
Photo by Shannon Smith

GWAR at Val Air Ballroom
Photo by Darren Tromblay

Lamb of God at Val Air Ballroom
Photo by Darren Tromblay
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