It's Your Money

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Paid for by taxpayers in…

Polk Co.
(paid during the week of Sept. 28)

Amount: $92.40
To: Todd Seaman
For: Mileage reimbursement for month of September.

Amount: $324
To: St. Luke’s Center for Occupational Health
For: Random drug testing for month of August.

Amount: $321
To: Swank Motion Pictures Inc.
For: Fee for showing “Madadgascar 2” during Illumifest on Sept. 26.

Amount: $6,600
To: SymbolArts
For: Purchase of 2,500 West Des Moines Police Department coins.

Amount: $122.50
To: Timberpine Inc.
For: Purchase of ornamental grass for West Des Moines Police Department.

Amount: $125
To: West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce
For: West Des Moines Development Corporation Steak Fry for five individuals.

Amount: $2,071.26
To: Winter Equipment Co.
For: Purchase of 50 deluxe curb guard items to be used by the City of West Des Moines during the winter months.

Amount: $1,599.28
To: Zoll Medical Corp.
For: Purchase of medical supplies for West Des Moines EMS.

Amount: $85
To: David Yunglas
For: Reimbursement of conference registration to attend the Iowa Association of Code Enforcement.

Amount: $220
To: American Society of Civil Engineers
For: Membership dues for Jim Dickson.

Amount: $70
To: Bituminous Materials and Supply
For: Purchase of asphalt supplies for City of West Des Moines.

Amount: $2,894.50
To: Capital Sanitary Supply Co.
For: Purchase of cleaning supplies for various City of West Des Moines city buildings.

Amount: $921.72
To: Carpenter Uniform Co.
For: Purchase of apparel for West Des Moines Fire Department.

Amount: $120
To: Dan Davis
For: Payment for adult volleyball league officiating.

Amount: $55.40
To: Dee Ann Fredericks
For: Mileage reimbursement July 23 to Sept. 1.

Amount: $25
To: Greater Dallas County Development
For: Dinner reservation at the Greater Dallas County Development Alliance Annual Meeting on Oct. 1.

Amount: $50
To: Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs
For: Annual dues for Donald Cox to attend the annual conference held Oct. 13 to 15.

Amount: $338.91
To: Iowa Interstate Railroad LTD
For: Payment for signal maintenance at Jordan Creek Mall for month of September.

Amount: $160
To: Jester Park Equestrian Center
For: Payment for “Dad and Me” camping at Jester Park on Sept. 26 by West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department.


Your taxes not at workYour taxes (not) at work

Location: 41st Street and Western Hills Drive

Problem: Large pothole in the middle of the road.


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Your taxes not at workSalaries and Such

Abraham Funchess, Jr.
Division Administrator for
Iowa Commission on the
Status of African Americans
Years experience: 4
Annual salary:



The Des Moines City Council recently approved $700 for Mayor Jim Cownie to serve as a moderator on a panel for Implementing the Vision, which took place Tuesday, Oct. 13 and Wednesday, Oct. 14 in Santa Fe, N.M. Information that was shared will allow infrastructure-scale renewable energy, energy efficiency and zero emission vehicle projects. Combined effort of energy leaders across the country will help propel the way forward to groundbreaking developments in public energy sustainability solutions. The amount expended for travel for the 2010 fiscal year as of Oct. 5 is $94,719.


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“And you thought beer was expensive on airlines!”
Wild Bill

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