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The Good

Iowa seems to be the hotbed for winning Powerball tickets. Casey’s General Store, 4560 E. 14th St., sold the fourth $1 million ticket this year, including the second week in a row that the Hawkeye State has had the only Powerball ticket to win a $1 million prize. Last week, Richard J. Smith, 84, of Des Moines purchased the ticket from a West Des Moines supermarket. Other tickets were sold in August and February.


Approximately 400 people braved the chilly weather last weekend to participate in the 40th annual Des Moines Area Hunger Hike. The five-mile hike is designed to increase awareness about hunger and raise money to benefit nonprofit agencies that distribute food. This year’s goal was $50,000, but officials won’t have an exact count as nearly two-thirds of the money comes in after the event. Half of the money will be distributed locally, and the other half will go toward international organizations.

The Bad

Gov. Chet Culver once again ordered across-the-board cuts to trim $564.5 million from the state budget. The 10 percent across-the-board cut will result in hundreds of layoffs for state employees. A majority of the cuts will come from education (59 percent), while the remaining 41 percent will come from Human Services, the Justice System, Administration and Regulation, Economic Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Transportation. In the coming days, each department in state government will submit a plan for cuts to the Department of Management.

What is happening to high school? Remember when attending a Friday night football game was full of fun, adventure and school spirit? Well those days are long gone, as numerous school districts have pulled the plug on students showing school spirit and supporting their team. The Waterloo School District recently created a long list of rules to maintain order at football games. The student section can no longer bring in signs or air horns, chant, paint their faces or mingle with fans from visiting teams. Middle school students cannot attend a game without a parent, and all students must wear identification badges. Not only does this affect the fans, but it also affects the football players who cannot feed off the crowd’s intensity. As Pink Floyd once said, “Teachers, leave those kids alone!”

The Ugly

Younger kids are receiving cell phones, even if they aren’t mature or responsible enough to have one. Case in point, Catherine Davis. The Des Moines teenager was arrested last week when her mother discovered that $20 was missing from her purse, confronted her daughter about it and took away her cell phone. According to the mother, Davis grabbed a hammer and screamed, “Give me my cell phone or I’ll bust the windows or bash your head in.” A struggled ensued and Davis choked her mother, but she ultimately was able to get the hammer away from her daughter. Davis, 15, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Davis will have a tough time in the near future; we’re not sure how clear the reception is in juvenile detention centers.

Would you like fries or a punch to the face with that? Last week, a Boston couple became overly upset when receiving the wrong size of fries with their meal at a local McDonald’s. According to police, Christina Galipeau and Eugene Jackson became enraged about the wrong size and exchanged words with a cashier. Galipeau then threw her spare change at the clerk, hitting her in the face. Jackson picked up a hazard cone from a mopped floor and hurled it at employees, cutting one employee’s nose. Both were charged with assault. CV


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