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Battle over the Bible rages on

Wow! The conservative Christians must be doing something right. We are certainly getting under the skin of the Cityview staff. In a recent issue (“Head East,” Oct. 1), Civic Skinny refers to us as “True Believers” (thank you), Gary Thelen calls us the extreme religious right wing and John Hicks compares us to German citizens ignoring the plight of the Jews. Name-calling I can handle, but the comparison to blind-eyed Germans makes my blood boil.

Mr. Hicks, we have an American Holocaust; it is the murder and slaughter of our unborn children. You and your ilk have turned a silent ear and a blind eye to the defenseless. You have turned into the middle class Germans and chosen the path of political correctness, leaving our most helpless little ones for the slaughter.

Mr. Hicks, you have the power of the printed page to speak for them, to stand for their defense, but you have chosen not to. Look at your hands, John Hicks, do they have blood on them?

Jerry DeGan
Des Moines


Chicago was the wrong place for the Olympics

The Olympic Committee’s selection of Rio as modern Olympia is a boon to received multicultural beliefs and utopian goals flowing from academia and the culturally sensitive. Rio’s hurrah is a beacon for a new era of justice and fairness and a gift from this administration’s recent operational trajectory reset.

Obviously, President Obama, first lady Michelle and Oprah’s brilliant strategy of pushing Chicago’s Olympic site potential was a dexterous ruse. Who could really believe that this enlightened triune of envoys would plug the Windy City for worldly acceptance and national honor? Chicago is a scorching pit of ward politics, rampant murder and piratical real estate interests. Our President knew this and acted accordingly. How could the leader(s) of this exemplar of global hegemony “the United States” even think of hosting such an event? Our big foot cowboy-dominator approach to the world demands we defer to those nations with designated “victim status” bona fides. How can we fairly demand additional international pageantry at the expense of the unwashed masses?

Obama’s crafty plan to assign fool status to this country and himself before the world was a wink and nod to his fellow traveling cognoscenti. The scented elect understand this Presidential guise as a feint to mask his true sub textual “citizen of the world” agenda of deconstructing America. America: still the wellspring from which money and power flow to even those who game for a flat world of angelic nation state equality.

Gary Wilson
Des Moines


As we look toward the future, please leave the past behind

Does Jennifer Nosbisch (“Your View,” Oct. 8) have anything better to do with her life or time than to write into Cityview with her uneducated, repetitive rants about the Branstads? Yes Jennifer, we get it, you dislike Eric, now move on!

Emily Mosqueda

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