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By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

Defining censorship once again

For several years now, we have joined alternative newsweeklies across the nation to bring you “Project Censored,” an annual report on the biggest national and international stories that the major media has ignored.

The project, which began in 1976, involves scanning of hundreds of nominated stories that are verified, fact-checked and selected by a team of students, faculty and evaluators and sent to a panel of national judges to be ranked. The end product is a book that summarizes the top stories, provides in-depth media analysis and includes resources for readers. Information for our story was compiled by Rebecca Bowe and includes 25 subjects. We are publishing the top eight in this week’s cover story, including Congress selling out to Wall Street, de facto segregation in public schools, the untold story of Somali pirates, North Carolina’s nuclear nightmare, the U.S.’s failure to protect consumers against toxics, the growth of lobbying during a down economy, Obama’s controversial defense appointees and how big business is cheating the IRS. We encourage you to view all 25 at the project censored Web site, which can be found at

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