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By Jared “Dirty JC” Curtis

Week six is upon us, and we are almost to the halfway point. Highlight of the week goes to the Chiefs for almost pulling out a win against the Cowboys. Better luck next time. Meanwhile, here are my three locks for the week.

Philadelphia at Oakland: Let’s face it. The Raiders are terrible, even when playing at home you can’t count on the black and silver to defend the house. With no offense and only one incredible defender (Nnamdi Asomugha, who prays every day for a team to make a trade offer), the Raiders have trouble stopping the weakest offensives, which isn’t Philadelphia. Donovan McNabb threw for 264 yards in his return from injury, and DeSean Jackson is slowly evolving into one of the better receivers in the game. Look for Philly to stomp a hole in the Raiders.

Tennessee at New England: Sure the Patriots were on the wrong end of the game against Denver, but don’t think they are going to lose two games in a row, especially when it’s the ridiculously weak Titans. Tennessee has fallen to the waste side, and the golden boy will pick them apart like a finicky eater dissecting a supreme pizza.

Buffalo at New York Jets: The addition of Terrell Owens has turned the Buffalo Bills from a mediocre team on the proverbal rise to a cellar-dwelling mess. It’s not all T.O.’s fault though. Sure he is a cancer on any team, but when your offensive line is so bad that the QB doesn’t even have enough time to pass the ball, you know you’re in trouble. We should have seen this coming after Buffalo fired its offensive coordinator days before the first week of the season. But not only are the Bills that bad, the Jets are on the rise under the watch of first year head coach and defensive tough guy Rex Ryan. Their defense is quietly becoming one of the best in the league, and rookie Mark Sanchez seems ready to lead this team, especially against the Bills.



Sunday, Oct. 18
St. Louis at Jacksonville 12 p.m.
NY Giants at New Orleans 12 p.m.
Baltimore at Minnesota 12 p.m.
Detroit at Green Bay 12 p.m.
Houston at Cincinnati 12 p.m.
Cleveland at Pittsburgh 12 p.m.
Kansas City at Washington 12 p.m.
Carolina at Tampa Bay 12 p.m.
Arizona at Seattle 3:05 p.m.
Philadelphia at Oakland 3:05 p.m.
Buffalo at NY Jets 3:15 p.m.
Tennessee at New England 3:15 p.m.
Chicago at Atlanta 7:20 p.m.

Monday, Oct. 19
Denver at San Diego 7:30 p.m.


NCAA Game Day

College previews


#11 Iowa (6-0) vs. Wisconsin (5-1)

Oct. 17 • 11 a.m.
Madison, Wisc.


It must be a charmed life in Iowa City this year as the up and down, yet always winning, Hawkeyes continue to perplex Black and Gold fans. It was another nationally televised game for the Hawks against Michigan that posted yet another win at Kinnick in exciting fashion. The Wolverines ultimately made more mistakes than slow starter Ricky Stanzi, as Iowa squeaked out another close one in the final minutes to win 30-28. Rich Rod took out his flashy quarterback Tate Forcier in the final quarter and back-up Denard Robinson led them on a scoring drive with his feet. Feet, however, don’t throw balls, and Robinson ended up throwing the last mistake in the game, cementing the Iowa win. So what did it all mean? In the end, style doesn’t matter and Iowa continues to enjoy the second longest winning streak in Division I football. Now the Hawks take the express back north to face another win-them-ugly team in Wisconsin. The Badgers are 5-1 this year and hungry for a win against Coach Bret Bielema’s former school. If Ferentz has an Achilles heel, it has been going against former colleagues. Game Day enjoys the ride so far, but the wheels will come off in Madison. Bielema gives a metaphorical middle finger to his alma mater.
Wisconsin 17, Iowa 13


Baylor (3-2) vs. Iowa State (3-3)

Oct. 17 • 6 p.m.
Ames, Iowa


Iowa State has started the Big 12 Conference season two for two. That’s two gut wrenching losses in a row in could’ve, would’ve, should’ve games. Kansas survived its homecoming last Saturday when the last bullet shot by Iowa State strayed off target, preserving the Kansas win. While we were close in predicting Kansas’ final score, we were woefully off on Iowa State’s, as the offense we heard so much about all summer long finally appeared. More than 500 yards of total offense were put up by both teams on a cold and windy day. This game started right off from where it left last week — kicking issues. Missing PATs and a botched field goal hold made every Cyclone fan cringe. Here’s hoping Mahoney and the field goal unit have things straightened out — literally. Baylor rolls into town for Iowa State’s homecoming game this weekend without phenom quarterback Robert Griffin and a severely depleted offense. Their defense is dead last against the run in the Big 12, as Iowa State and A-Rob behind the mammoth line boast the best rushing attack in the league. The two-for-two start to the conference season is coming to an end. Cyclones put up a “W” Saturday night.
ISU 38, Baylor 17

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