dvd reviews

By Jared Curtis


‘Drag Me to Hell’

Directed by Sam Raimi
Rated PG-13,
99 minutes


“Drag Me to Hell” was one of the best movie experiences I had this year. I jumped and cringed in fear. Toward the end of the film, I was so tense from the numerous scares I contemplated covering my eyes. Christine (Alison Lohman) is a friendly loan officer whose boss doesn’t think she can make the tough call and is hesitant to give her a promotion. Knowing she has to be tougher on clients, she denies an old woman (Lorna Raver) and evicts her from her house. But this is not a normal old woman; she is an evil gypsy who curses Christine with a demon that will torment her for three days and then drag her to hell. And that demon really does torment her. Iconic horror director Sam Raimi did a tremendous job with this film, creating a creepy and gory film that never seemed like it was PG-13. “Drag Me to Hell” is a triumphant return to the genre by a skilled director who’d recently been tangled in Spiderman’s web. Lets hope he sticks to scaring the crap out of people instead of superheroes. CV


‘The Evil Dead’

Directed by Sam Raimi
1981, Rated R, 85 minutes


Numerous debates among horror buffs have existed throughout the years regarding which film is better, “The Evil Dead” or “Evil Dead 2.” Although they are both highly entertaining, the original has a special place in my demented heart. Not only did “The Evil Dead” introduce me to master filmmaker Sam Raimi, it also was my first glimpse of Bruce Campbell, the star of “The Evil Dead” and the king of B movies. The film, which was made for less than nothing, follows a group of friends who head to a cabin in the woods for a relaxing vacation. While there, they stumble across the “Book of the Dead” and an old audiotape. After playing the tape, evil spirits are awakened, and, one by one, the friends become possessed. “The Evil Dead” is graphic, gory and disgusting. A scene that stands out involves one of the girls on the trip becoming possessed and stabbing another female in the ankle with a pencil. I can still see the pencil twisting and turning while blood spills out. “The Evil Dead” will have you covering your eyes in fear, holding your stomach in disgust and never wanting to go into the woods again. CV

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