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Posted April 28, 2005in Cover Story

Cover Story: Flavors Of The Relays

April 28, 2005 Street food is the most ephemeral of dining fixes. More importantly, a food renaissance befitting Des Moines’ place in the middle of the richest agricultural land on earth is centered, like Drake, in the heart of the city. Only a food fool would leave the Drake area

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Posted April 28, 2005in Cover Story

Cover Story: Get your Dog on

April 28, 2005 Our no-nonsense guide to the Drake Relays By Jim Duncan In 1980, Sports Illustrated reported a big football upset, “For the second consecutive year, Colorado lost to Drake, better known as a track meet.” From the distance of a quarter century, the most incredulous thing about that

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Posted April 21, 2005in Cover Story

Cover Story: Snapshot

April 21, 2005 An Earth Day portrait of Iowa’s environment is not a pretty picture By Carolyn Szczepanski When the first Earth Day erupted, rivers were burning and citizens were suffocating in a country infected with oppressive pollution. On April 22, 1970, a massive protest descended on the nation’s capitol,

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Posted April 14, 2005in Cover Story

Cover Story: Standardized Students

April 14, 2005 Is Uncle Sam pushing kids to their potential or punishing hard-working schools? By Carolyn Szczepanski In 31 years of teaching, Linda Nelson never felt so ashamed as when Uncle Sam labeled her students as “failing.” In 2003, Nelson was teaching at Carter Lake Elementary in Council Bluffs

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